Superior Ventures focuses on two areas of business:

  1. Early-stage mentoring for promising startups
  2. Business incubator for technologies and business ideas generated by other Superior IS business units
Principals have started and sold several businesses. They are experienced in building successful business from initial startup to maturity (27 years in business).
  • Accounting/Record keeping
  • development
  • Work flow
  • Facilities selection (buy/lease)
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy

If you have a new venture that is looking for mentoring, please contact us
Superior Ventures provides funding and other business assistance for individuals and organizations that are in the early stages of launching new ventures.

Providing a wide range of strategic and technical consulting services for enterprises ranging from small startups to Fortune 1000 corporations

Quick and quality troubleshooting of your IT issues, Superior IS is fully equipped with the latest remote support services allowing resolution in real-time.